Couple Counseling

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Couple Counseling

If you are having difficulties in an intimate relationship and efforts to resolve them with your partner aren’t working, couples counselling is an option worth considering. Couples therapists are specially trained in helping couples talk through problems and conflicts that can arise in relationships. A skilled couples therapist is able to make both partners feel safe in the therapy room, without taking sides. He or she will work to create a “space”
where both of you feel able to speak openly, and where you can work toward hearing the other person’s point of
view without getting triggered. Ideally, with the therapist’s help, you will find some common ground and end up
in a stronger position to move forward together in your relationship

What is couple therapy? 

Couples therapy is counseling for couples who are in a relationship, married or not. It’s often referred to as marriage counseling. The goal is to improve the couples’ relationship, or sometimes to help them decide whether or not they should continue staying together. Although the focus is on the couple, there are times when the individual psychological issues of one or both parties need to be addressed.